Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful For RA?

I read a post by 'Single Gal' yesterday which has caused more contemplation than she probably ever intended. It is a great post! Find It Here. Am I thankful for my RA? It's been on my mind constantly. I've tried thinking of every possible angle to this question and no matter how I looked at it "NO WAY!" I am not thankful for this disease and the pain and frustration it has caused me in my life. However, because it is Thanksgiving and I want to feel the spirit of gratitude, I have altered the question a little: "Because I have rheumatoid arthritis I have become thankful for..." My mind began racing with little details that I never would have listed on my thankful list if it were not for RA.
1. My slippers. My feet thank them every time I approach the line where my carpet turns to slate tile. I love you slippers!
2. Becky the phlebotomist. After 7 years of this I still hate needles. Question: Do you ever get used to them? I've had my fair share of bad blood draws and so Becky made my thankful list. She works at my rheumatologists office and has never missed on her first try. It is quick and painless. I love Becky!
3. Medication! I have been humbled into loving my meds. Celebrex and MTX have helped me so much. I am very blessed to live in this day and age. Thank you drugs!
4. A normal bowel movement...too much info??? Sorry but when I have a flare up my digestive system takes a hit. Diarrhea is the story of my life. When I have a normal BM I am SO thankful!
5. Weight gain. Between the pain, appetite loss and diarrhea, I tend to lose weight. I get really excited when I see some increased poundage. This was truly something I would have never been thankful for before RA.
6. Digital scrapbooking. This wonderful age of technology has allowed me to keep up a hobby that I love with the ease of point and click.
7. Real food. Since my diagnosis I have made huge changes in my diet and lifestyle. I have learned to appreciate whole, real foods and natural herbs and spices...YUMMY.
8. A good day! I took a lot of my good days for granted before RA came along. I wish I could have recognized how good I had it. However, now I don't miss a detail when a beautiful day finds me. I'm thankful for that.


  1. :) Gotta agree with you there. No way am I thankful for RA. Not in any way, shape, or form. It's opened my eyes to things that I'd taken for granted, and I know to be more thankful for little things.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Great post! Refreshing to see some "positives" with this horrible disease! Good for you.

  3. I like the spin you put on the question. I am certainly grateful for things I might not be grateful for if it weren't for my body misbehaving. I'm with you on the real food! But every now and then I sure wouldn't mind a giant piece of chocolate cake--A.K.A. giant, gluten, sugar bomb. Yum!